You are being feared. Not because you are ugly or because you are strong, but because you are an individual that is able to generate ideas.
Now humans aren’t the only creatures that are able to do that, but I think we can agree we are kinda in a league of our own.
Now it’s something amazing, you can just come up with something that no one else ever came up with before.
Drawing, writing, designing, building and inventing are just some keywords to describe a small spectrum of what you are able to do as an individual.
Whether you do it or not, you could if you would like to or in most cases if you would just start doing it.

Everything you do comes from a personal inspiration, which can be anything. A nice landscape can be enough to inspire a painter or a photographer to make a painting or picture of it.
That same landscape can inspire a songwriter to write a song about it or an architect to design a building that would look great within that particular landscape. The design of the architect might trigger someone else to invent something to make that design actually possible.
With that invention and the design another person can be inspired to actually build this to become reality. Once that building is there the painter and photographer can gain inspiration from it and make a painting or picture out of it.
That painting or picture might inspire you to… well, I assume you get my point.

Inspiration comes from all around you; the landscapes, painting, pictures, movies &  buildings you see.  The songs and speeches you hear, the books you read and the people you have met.
All of this comes down to a unique combination that offers you an unique inspiration. With this unique inspiration you will be able to also draw, write, design, built or invent something.

Big companies know this, they know that what they make might inspire you to do something better or to find a cheaper way to do the same, since they often started this way themselves as well.
This is just plain simple to realize, since most companies start because someone had an idea, tho hardly ever this was completely new uninspired by anyone or anything else.
The second car company was inspired by the first, Microsoft created Windows after they were inspired by what they saw at Apple, which on their turn saw it at Xerox.
Still they were able to make it their own, innovating all in their own ways. Today we have 2 completely different products from that alone, and the market can choose.
But now many big companies have hired directors and managers which they have to pay millions and have stockholders which they need to keep satisfied.
This is why they have come up with something called “Intellectual Property”, a way to prevent you from doing the same as they are doing in a better or cheaper way.
A way to prevent new competitors from being started, thus killing the free market and gain monopoly, or share it with just one or two other competitors.

Big companies with such attitudes are sponsoring politicians in order to introduce new laws and regulations like SOPA, PIPA and ACTA.
These are nothing but tools to prevent inspiration by forcing people to stop sharing items that might cause inspiration and therefor innovation.
If they were introduced 2000 years ago, there would have been only one kind of bread today, since similar ideas would have been called counterfeiting.
You prolly wouldnt even know what bread was, since spreading the recipe how to make bread would have been considered piracy.
Basically the SOPA, PIPA and ACTA are just acts of despair, acts to maintain an outdated businessmodel, stopping innovation or cheaper alternatives helping mankind forward.
So you are being feared, since you might be the one innovating or coming up with cheaper alternatives,

SOPA has been stopped, but dont stop getting your inspiration,
PIPA has been stopped, but dont stop using your inspiration,
Now stop ACTA, but dont stop trying to inspire others.

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