Have you ever heard of the term mass-individualization? Yeah, I do realise it sounds like some contradictio in terminis(combination of words whose meanings are in conflict with one another) but it is used quite a lot these days by marketing specialists.
It is the concept of introducing products which are nearly similar or are able to be customised it to a certain extent, that way the same product is around in various appearances without to much effort in the field of actual development.

Especially nowadays with all the technological gadgets this is really noticable, you can customize ringtones, wallpapers, widgets and attributes to a nearly unlimited extent. That way you are making your gadget really fitting “your own identity”, expressing your own “personality” and in some cases building an “image” of yourself.

For all those people thinking that customising your gadgets are defining your personality, that the physical appearance of some device shows anything of who you really are, I want you to realise that it only shows one thing about your personality. It just shows you are so damn shallow that you think a device can replace a personality and that you have been assimilated by those big corporate marketing specialists.

Now I don’t mean to say that every person that customises their gadgets is part of the big dumb mass. I also put some nice wallpaper on my phone/laptop/computer as well, change the default theme, chosen a song I like as a ring-tone. I am just pointing out those people out there that seem to have taken this to a far extent, that don’t seem the difference between personalising and personality.

It isnt what you own, use or wear that defines you as a personality. It are your dreams and/or ideals that define you as a person. What you are making out of your life, what you wanna achieve and how you want to do this. The choices you make in life, the way you deal with situations you run into and how you feel about these at the end of the day.

So please don’t stop customising your devices if you like to do so, since I also like to do this myself. I just hope that you realise that you really loose your personality the moment that what you own or wear becomes more important that your dreams and/or ideals. That thinking about how you wanna customise your stuff becomes more important then what and how you wanna achieve your dreams and ideals. That choices for ring-tones and wallpapers are becoming more important or an escape for the choices in how to deal with important matters in life.

Just remember: “You are unique, just like everyone else.”

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