Dear Santa,

You have been around the western world for a couple of weeks now, starting to spread the Christmas feeling.
Even though I haven’t seen you yet, I have seen the effects of that feeling.
Houses are being decorated with nice lights, inside Christmas trees are standing proud with lights balls and little angels.
People out on the street are slowly becoming kinder in bigger numbers, even towards strangers, sometimes just by saying “hello”.

Now in less then a week this Christmas feeling will get to it’s ultimate peak, where people will be celebrating Christmas together.
I know from previous years that people will wish each other a Merry Christmas, no matter if they know each other.
They will be chatting, laughing and singing together, they will be more generous towards each other and feel good to see the joy it brings.
And then on Christmas eve, they will be dining and drinking together with friends and family, knowing that feeling is really worthwhile having.

It is on that day that I can look at the world and really feel happy.
Not because I have gotten gifts or am with the people I care for, but on that day, I can see the world for what I believe it can be.
Kind and generous towards every human being.
And yes, there might be a small exception. Even on that beautiful day, but isn’t it great that we can call it an exception that very day.

Now when Christmas is over and you are on your way back to the north pole to see Mrs Santa and all of your elves again, the exceptions start to grow.
And even tho it might take a week orso, soon the exceptions have grown back to be the standard of western society.
People stop chatting together and soon wont show any understanding, the generosity they had during Christmas soon becomes greed again.
The laughing and singing soon diminishes to be something for kids and the joyfull feeling will disappear.

So dear Santa, this year I would kindly request you not to leave after Christmas.
I would like to ask you to stay here and remind the western world of that very feeling they had during Christmas.
Maybe then instead of trying to make more profit; banks and companies will try to make a better world.
They have seen the power of generosity during Christmas, yet they fail to apply it the rest of the year.

So could you stay and remind them to turn their greedy bonuses into jobs for people is a very generous act.
And that people getting jobs, being able to take care of their families, will be thankful and happy.
Could you stay and remind people of the western world to remain friendly to people out on the street, even the strangers.
So less people will feel lonely in this world and less people will detach from society.

But most of all Santa, could you stay for the charities of this world.
It is no secret that during your time in the western world, more money is being donated to charity.
We still have so many challenges like hunger and sickness.
So those charities could really use the donations.

So if you cant stay Santa, for whatever reason. Could you then give people some hope & faith this Christmas under their tree
Could you put some a dose of kindness and generosity in their food and drinks, that will last till you return.
Since I really like you, big ol’ funny dressed man, but I would like to see the western world doesn’t need you anymore.
That above all, would be my wish for this Christmas.

Thank you in advance Santa.

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