This post is more to create some awareness for the existence of the shortcuts in the new twitter web interface as of december 2011. As you will find at the end of the post, you will be able to access these shortcuts during the standard usage.

New Tweets/Messages
N = New Tweet
R = Reply to Tweet
M = Make Direct Message
. = Load New Tweets(on "x new tweet(s)" at the top)
F = Make Tweet a Favorite Tweet
T = Retweet Tweet
J = Next Tweet
K = Previous Tweet
[Enter] = Open Details of Tweet
L = Close all open Tweets
[Space] = Page down
/ = Search
Easy Goto's
G->H = Home
G->C = Connect
G->R = Mentions
G->D = Discover
G->P = Profile
G->F = Favorites
G->M = Messages
G->U = User(asks for name)
Need more help?
? = These shortcuts during the use of twitter
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