There are many masks one can wear, visible and invisible. Some are clear, while others are very subtle.
Masks do have a function, either protection, disguise, performance or entertainment.
Over time several masks have become a symbol, whether or not they can be interpreted in different ways.
An ice hockey mask can be seen as a symbol for the sports or for the Halloween Horror movies.

Now symbols can be strong, the more they are being shown the stronger they become.
With this strength they can spread an idea, a philosophy.
And by spreading the idea, they become even more powerful.
That way the circle of symbols goes round.

Now there have been a lot of masks over time, all a symbols of their own philosophy.
Many people have been wearing these symbols to empower them.
The philosophy under a mask is never that of just one individual,
not in showing it, nor in creating and maintaining it.

The Guy Fawkes mask has gained quite some strength as a symbol the last few years.
Guy Fawkes had to fight the religious surpression in the UK, 400yrs later it still exists in this world.
Now I am not religious, but I do believe one should be able to believe as one feels comfortable.
And it’s great to realise that the Guy Fawkes mask is worn by people from different religious backgrounds.

With V for Vendetta the philosophy has grown to a broader political perspective.
Our governments are requesting our silent obedience and approval to matters we havent agreed on.
They use the fear there is nowadays to introduce more and more privacy intrusive regulations.
Yet they fail to be completely transparant about what is being discussed and decided.

Now more recently it has shown that banks and big capitalistic companies arent much better.
We have trusted them with our money and they have been giving it out to their directors with fancy bonusses.
But they have been building a ‘Jenga’ tower, secretly putting some blocks in their own pockets and faking this economic growth.
Now the economy is about to collapse, they wont take responsibility, making the taxpayers fill in the missing blocks.

This has brought us to a situation where 1% of our population that cheated has got everything.
But the other 99% is forced to pay for their lies and deception thru taxes.
Still being forced to pay ridiculous amounts of interest on their mortages, while the interests on their debet accounts are being cut back.
And our governments refuse to take proper action to stop their dirty tricks.

So what’s under the mask? Under the mask is an individual with an idea, a philosophy:

  1. One should not be judged by his nationality, racial or religious background.
  2. Freedom of speech and free access to information shouldnt be a privilege, but a fundemental right, Every person should be granted the privacy to use these fundamental rights.
  3. 1% of the population shouldnt be more important then 99% in a democratic system.
  4. People that cheat with ‘Jenga’ should give back the blocks and not be allowed to ever play the game again ;)

11-11-11 there will be the Night of A Thousand Masks, where you can empower the mask,
Where you can empower the symbol, the idea and the philosophy. But also help shaping and maintaining it.
So if you think nothing has to change, go ahead and watch another talentshow sponsored by the capitalistic companies.
But if you have just the slightest desire to make a change, put on your mask on 11-11-11.

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