It’s a Wednesday eve, around 11pm when i start writing this. Many thoughts run through my head, just like normal, and I am trying to figure them out.
There is good news though, my thoughts are again getting one step closer to completing my puzzle of life.
Though I am still not sure how many more steps to take, nor how many pieces this puzzle has.
But there are things I do know, many things. Are they equal to what I don’t know already?
Far from it, I don’t think I will ever get to a stage where what I know gets to a similar level of what I don’t know.
Since over the years of my life, the more knowledge I gained, the more I also started to know what I didn’t know yet.
And then I am not even getting started about what I understand and don’t understand.

For every question I found an answer to, I found at least two questions with it.
So here I am, nearly 30 years of roaming this planet. With more questions then answers, yet many would say I grew smarter.
I like to think so myself as well, and for many of the questions I have accepted that I wont find an answer.
Now this isn’t because I am a quitter, but because I found the answer to not finding answers.
It’s not that I don’t care about the answers anymore, since there is this curious part of me that would like to get them.
Also it’s not about the answers not being out there, since for the questions that play on my mind the most I know there are answers.
Have I given up on finding the answers? No, I don’t consider it giving up either.

Again, it’s a Wednesday eve, 16th of November to be exact. About 11:20 now. Many thoughts have run through my head and I haven’t written them down yet.
I will write those down over time. But I need to find a right way to express those thoughts in words.
Kinda tricky isn’t it, all these thoughts. But thoughts are more then just words. Often even hard to grasp them with words.
So what are thoughts? Neuroscientists might start about signals in your brains, creating connections in that gray mass.
I would like to use the word big, since if you think about how many cells there are up there, it is quite impressive.
Especially if you realize how they are able to cooperate and control something even bigger.
Your body itself is already many times the mass of your brains, no matter how skinny you are. your brain mass is smaller then the rest of you.

Now your brains are able to control then just your body. Something most of us can do, or are at least capable of doing, is driving a car.
This car has become like a exoskeleton to our body at that moment, controlled by our thought process. Since you do have to think during driving.
Tho I am sure that in many cases those thoughts are limited to “how do I look in my rear mirror” and “what radio-station should I put on”, it also includes more functional thoughts like “what’s my current speed?”, “am I exceeding speed limit?” and “should I brake or not”.
Then there are the questions like “why is this guy in front of me driving so slow?”, “couldn’t that guy have used his indicator?” and “why is that guy put lives at stake by driving like a maniac?”
And even those become irrelevant to the one question one is asking himself “where am I heading? and how do I get there?”. Even when you are just driving for fun, without purpose, and you know you aren’t heading anywhere at a certain stage you will have to stop at a gas station.

At that stage your thoughts are already controlling a path, you know where you are coming from and you know, or dont know on purpose, where you are heading. This can be a short ride to a local store or a long holiday trip to a foreign country.
So at that stage your thoughts are already controlling something much bigger then your body and your car, it’s already a track which you have been in control of. Not exactly, since there where some obstacles to get around, most like require you to at least brake a little, probably even steer a bit.
But overall you were in control of the track, knowing what you wanted to be ahead. Quite something your thoughts controlled, right?

Now I could start about the distances you might overcome by walking, biking, driving and maybe even flying and how they are nothing compared to the distances of the universe from which you might not be able to even think of how to put out your track there.
Instead I would like to use this track your thoughts have controlled as an analogy to your life.
Since whether it is a short or a long one, with little or many obstacles, as long as you know where you are heading, you are in control of it.
Answers to questions related to why others are driving the way they do become irrelevant when you know where you are heading.
And your thoughts arent just signals in your brains, they are your life. They determine where you are heading and eventually who you are.

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