After a long day at the office he comes back home, quickly eating a microwave meal and crashing on his couch. As he turns on his laptop to see if anything is going on online, his doorbell rings. When he opens the door some kids from the street are nearly screaming with their high-pitched voices “trick or treat”. “Just a minute” he answers as he thinks quickly if he has any candy left, a quick check in his supplies shows he still has some lollipops. As he returns he can see the impatient looks on the painted faces of the kids “here you are” he says with a smile.
After he returns to the couch, his screen is showing the login screen. He enters his password and leans back. “damn, i am tired” he sighs. While the laptop automatically loads up his standard programs, he closes his eyes for a moment. Tired as he is, he doses of.

The monitor of his laptop is everything but asleep, it seems to more active then normal even. While his email client retrieves new messages, small eyes seem to pop up on the screen. He seems to fall further asleep and the more he does, the more the eyes become clear and get a white blurry effect around them as if they are about to pop out. His laptop now seems to start levitating, like it’s being pulled up by the white silhouettes which have eyes that shine like red leds in the dark coming out of his the screen. The more white silhouettes with their bright red eyes rise from the screen, the more high-pitched sonar-like sounds fill his living room.

Suddenly he wakes up by the sounds produced by the white silhouettes causing a terrible pain in his ears. “What the Hell” he shouts as he sees his livingroom being filled will 100’s of these silhouettes. He looks at his laptop and sees the number behind the text inbox increasing rapidly, for every time the number goes up another silhouette floats out of his screen.
In the meantime the high-pitched sounds are being fired in a rapid speed around his livingroom He feels the sound entering his ears, like needles on his eardrums. “Pings of Death” he suddenly realizes, and he closes the lid of his laptop as fast as he can. “And these must be the Ghost Emails I have been setting up to see where that spam is coming from.” He gets up and tries to fight himself thru the white mass, being continously confronted with enlargement pills, cheap replicas and fake e-cards. He tries to run, but feels how the load of all of this is making him react sluggish.

As he gets into the hallway a bigger nightmare awaits him, his old and once beloved windows server had turned into a zombie. How painful was this, because of the ping and smtp floods it was running even more slow then ever before. Now that wasnt a bad thing at the moment, since he could easily dodge it because of that. Making way into the bedroom. Just before he closes his door he sees how the pings of death, that had waken him up just a few minutes ago, reach the Windows server. Zombie or not, it’s tcp/ip stack still wasnt able to deal with such a flood as long as anything was listening. It turns blue instantly and screams some final white hex-codes before it breaks into a thousand pieces.

“Finally it crashes when I need it to” he thinks to himself as he closes the door and places his nightstands in front of it to barricade it. “Now how do I get rid of all these ghost emails” he thinks to himself as he sits on the bed. “I gotta find a way to delete them without opening the screen of my laptop”. Quickly he grabs his android smartphone, as he browses through his apps he sees it. A ssh client, he knew that would come in handy one day. He quickly opens it and selects his laptop in the pre-configured hosts. A prompt appears on his screen, “Key? Crap I forgot about that. Think, think, think” as he smashes his  phone against his head, thank god it was no apple, since it would have been completely bruised. “Of Course” he nearly shouts in excitement as he starts typing fiercely “thank god I didn’t have to type my entire password on this device” he says as his thumb presses enter.

“No lets kill that email client” as an evil grin appears on his face, while getting the processlist on the small screen.  “Process 666, I could have known” as a quick “kill 666″ follows. A sigh of relief escapes from his mouth as he checks the processlist again. The sigh of relief is being followed by a loud “holy crap, the bastards catched it”. His fingers slide over the keyboard again and then he hears the sounds in the rest of his house fade away. Quickly he checks again and then balls his fist. “Damn right, nothing survives a good ‘kill -9′”. He logs into his mail-server via another secure shell and cleans out any emails sent to his ghost-addresses. When that is done he opens the lid of his laptop and starts his email-client manually. Ready to close the lid if necessary he sees the number hehind inbox drop quickly to 1.

At that moment he wakes up from his powernap, looking around seeing no indication of what he had just dreamed of actually happened. He looks at his inbox and smiles when he reads the subject of the only unread email in there “Weblog.LileDevil.Net wishes you a very nerdy Halloween”, unaware that the bright red leds of  thedigital clock behinds him show 6:66PM.

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