After years of talking about this new internet protocol, which is gonna solve the approaching(or arrived , depends on what scale you look at it) problem of IPv4 addresses that (have) run out, big internet sites are gonna test if their IPv6 infrastructure will work properly.

Now I could write here a story about the history of this, but way better stories have been told already. I could give you technical information about the subject, but I have read explanations that I would not even come close to. So I will just give a brief insight of what I did.

I have added an AAAA record to my domain’s DNS with my IPv6 address this early morning and trying to see if it came up in lookups so far. It feels a bit like trying to blow the candles blindly, since I dont know if the company where I host my DNS had all preparations done, nor did I exactly know if what I did was the correct way of doing it. But guess that’s what today is about, just try to make a giant leap forward for internet.

I wish that the internetgigants like Google, Facebook, Yahoo and many others will have a succesful day implementing IPv6 and that many will follow their example soon. Not to forget that my website doesnt disappear from the internet due some bad DNS configuration on my side ;-)

So many 128bit addresses and Quadruple-A DNS records for you all, Happy World IPv6 Day.

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