When we are young, around the age or 2 or 3 if I remember correctly, we seem to have as a basic response to everything that is being told to us “Why?”. Now when we grow older that first response seems to fade away, it is being replaced by facts and opinions you have gathered throughout your lifetime. Now of course that’s a great good, I cant tell often enough how great it is to gather facts, create your opinion and repeat those 2 over and over again. This also includes that sometimes you have to accept that facts have changed and therefor recreate your opinion if such is required.

Now the first part, gathering facts and creating an opinion already seems to be a big effort to many. Instead they take what they hear from the media for facts and a smaller group of people even gains their opinion from other people; either their parents, priest, rabbi, imam, teacher, boss or idol are the source of their opinion instead of their own conclusion based on the facts they have gathered, or received. The downside is that way people don’t learn to gather facts and create their own opinion, they will be stuck to facts and opinions that they have been told. This means that the only thing they can do as a response to something that doesn’t match “their facts and opinion” is just disagree to it and argue over it.

When we are young we don’t have these facts and opinions yet. When we were told something we couldnt say we disagreed or that it didnt match our facts, so we just wondered. Now when you wonder about something, you should look for the answer. Being young, not able to read, our primary source for the answers are our parents. Many have gotten similar answers to questions like “what color is the grass?” and “what’s the name of that flower?” since it are facts. Aren’t they? Yet when we are young and we don’t know yet what a fact is, so most likely many of those answers have been reacted to with a simple “why?”. And often our parents(and teachers later) have answered to that with “just because it is like that!”, often with a slight irritation, making clear that we were not allowed to search for the answers any further.

This has become a barrier for many when they grow up, their minds have somehow adjusted to the “just because it is like that” mindset and often even have been assimilated to that. This mindset creates the box their are thinking in, the box where they are living in. Especially the assimilated people don’t wonder why anymore it seems. They don’t ask “why?” anymore, they dont start searching for the answers anymore. I think such is a shame, since if you don’t search for the answers you are missing such beautiful journey’s. Now I am not claiming that you will find an answer for everything you wonder about. Their are quite some constraints when it comes down to finding the answers. One most people will think of nearly straight away is that there is no answer, another might be that it requires a certain intelligence and a last option for me to suggest is that the facts and opinions we gathered are a blockade to accept the answer.

So if you can’t find the answer, wonder why that is. Start by asking yourself or the one you are talking with a simple question “Why?”, just like a 2a3year old child.

“When you wonder about something, you should look for the answer. if you can’t find the answer, wonder why that is.” ~LileDevil

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